Dagmar Pecková, Irwin Gage

Dvořák: Songs recital

Catalogue Number: SU 3437-2
Published: 19th March 2001
Genre: Vocal - songs
Supraphon's exclusive artist, the mezzo-soprano Dagmar Pecková has addressed in this her latest project a quintessentially Czech repertoire: namely, songs of Antonín Dvořák (1841 - 1904). While this is by no means a pioneering venture as regards the build-up of this label's catalogue, it is on the other hand true that Dagmar Pecková's current artistic status fully entitles her to stand up and present her own alternative to all the previous Dvořák song recordings - all the more so if, as here, she has at her side as distinguished master of piano and connoisseur of song accompaniment as Irwing Gage. We do believe this title will captivate everyone: the general public, by its coupling of Dvořák's phenomenal melodics with the singer's sovereign vocal skills;and experts, by the depth of Miss Pecková's creative insight, and by the minutious collaboration of the two interpreters.
Antonín Dvořák
In Folk Tone, Op. 73 (B.146)
1. Good night. Lento 03:13
2. There was a girl she mowed the grass. Allegretto 02:10
3. Oh there is nothing left. Andante 03:27
4. I have a horse oh so fine. Allegretto 02:07
Antonín Dvořák
Gipsy Songs. On text by Adolf Heyduk, Op. 55 (B.104)
5. My song resounds with love again. Moderato 02:43
6. Hey! How wondrously my triangle does sound. Allegro 01:14
7. And the woods silent all around. Moderato 02:40
8. Songs my mother taught me. Andante con moto 02:22
9. The strings are tuned, my lad, time to dance and reel. Allegretto 01:06
10. Wide sleeves and loose trousers suit better to the gipsy. Poco allegro 01:37
11. Give the proud hawk a cage of pure gold. Allegro 01:58
Antonín Dvořák
Love Songs, Op. 83 (B.160)
12. The happy flower unfurls not that's long our love's desire. Andante 01:49
13. Death dwells in many a human heart. Moderato 02:28
14. Now as by that house I tread. Allegretto 01:24
15. I know that in sweet hopefulness my love may I give thee. Poco sostenuto 02:37
16. Over the land reigns a peaceful repose. Allegretto grazioso 02:01
17. Lonely in the wood I stand, by the rushing brook. Andante 02:12
18. In the sweet power of thine eyes. Andante 02:11
19. My only dear one, my dear love. Poco lento 01:50
Antonín Dvořák
Biblical Songs. On text of Bible of Kralice, Op. 99
20. Darkness and thunderclouds are round about Him. Andantino 02:01
21. Lord my shield, my refuge and hope art Thou. Andante 02:05
22. Hear, oh hear my prayer, Lord my God. Andante 03:00
23. Oh, my shepherd is the Lord. Andante 02:54
24. Songs of gladness will I sing Thee. Risoluto maestoso 02:39
25. Hear, oh Lord, my bitter cry. Andante 03:06
26. By the shore of the river Babylon. Andante 03:08
27. Oh, Lord, have mercy and turn Thou Thy face to me. Andante 02:50
28. My eyes will I to the hills lift up. Andante con moto 02:07
29. Oh, sing unto the Lord a joyful song. Allegro moderato 01:56