André Gertler, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Václav Smetáček

Malipiero & Casella: Violin Concertos

Catalogue Number: SU 3904-2
Published: 23rd February 2007
Genre: Orchestral
Format: 1 CD
These unjustly neglected violin concertos by two Italian composers, Malipiero and Casella, are being released on CD for the first time ever. Their realization was undertaken by the outstanding Hungarian violinist and pedagogue André Gertler (1907-1998), famous for his interpretation of 20th century music, especially the works of his longtime friend Bela Bartók. Gertler's recording of Bartók's duets with Josef Suk ranks among the most acclaimed to date. Slogan André Gertler-an unsurpassable interpreter of the 20th century violin literature
Gian Francesco Malipiero
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra
1. Allegro (con spirito) 04:58
2. Lento ma non troppo 06:58
3. Allegro 09:49
Alfredo Casella
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in A minor
4. Primo tempo /att./ 11:46
5. Adagio /att./ 11:49
6. Rondo 08:05