Josef Suk & Josef Hála

Fibich: Works for Violin and Piano

Catalogue Number: SU 3473-2
Published: 24th August 2000
Genre: Chamber Music
This year's double anniversary of protagonist of Czech national music Zdeněk Fibich (born 150 years ago; died 100 years ago) is being marked by violinist Josef Suk, in collaboration with pianist Josef Hála, by this first complete recording of the composer's works for violin and piano. A legend of the domestic and international concert platforms, Josef Suk has deployed his sophisticated art here totally in the service of Fibich's compositional legacy. Thanks to the immaculate interpretation, these pearlsfrom the treasury of Czech music reach music-lovers for the first time in such utterly grand shape.
Zdeněk Fibich
Sonatina for Violin and Piano, Op. 27
1. Allegro moderato 04:59
2. Andante 01:45
3. Allegro molto 03:33
Zdeněk Fibich
Sonata for Violin and Piano in D major
4. Adagio. Allegro. Piu mosso 08:23
5. Largo maestoso. Poco piu mosso 04:58
6. Vivace grazioso. Trio. Poco meno. Polonaise. Allegro ma non troppo 02:58
7. Introduction. Adagio 06:02
Zdeněk Fibich
8. Romance for Violin and Piano, Op. 10 05:16
Zdeněk Fibich
9. Clear Night for Violin and Piano (Andantino) 02:18
Zdeněk Fibich
10. Song without Words for Two Violins and Piano 02:08
Zdeněk Fibich
11. Concert Polonaise for Violin and Piano (Allegro moderato. Vivo. Cantabile. Tempo I), Op. posth. (1878) 08:07